Animals Go To The Oscars

One of these nasty unnameable people said that giving the Oscar to the bear in The Revenant would have been a potent symbol for the hypocrisy of the ceremony’s moralising.

to kill a mockingbird

Don’t Throw It to The Fan

The book is not Atticus, and neither is the quintessentially American consciousness for which it stands. The book is Scout. Whatever Lee’s intentions were in releasing Go Set a Watchman, if any, let us pay our respects to the author by taking a step back as she did.

The Virtues of Internet Trolling

The Republican nominations are getting a little strange. Watching Donald Trump and Ted Cruz fight it out can leave one feeling even more jaded than Jeb Bush. Sometimes it feels like we’re all stuck in a Japanese B movie, cowering in the rubble while two skyscraper sized sweater-vests take prick sized chunks out of each…

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Dear New Readers

Dear new readers, You don’t know who we are, but we know who you are. You enjoy art. Whether it’s Steven Spielberg, Harper Lee, Kanye West, or Donald Trump’s tupé coordinator, you appreciate at least some of the things people do to deliver us from the mundane. And now you know who we are – a couple folks making sweeping…

Escaping Bohemia: Kerouac’s Legacy

There are a number of different sorts of readers of Kerouac. By far the most common reaction I’ve heard to Kerouac’s work is one of an ultimate sense of unfulfillment; a feeling that his work leaves the reader unmoved, having enjoyed the prose and the crystalline, energetic depiction of the Beat generation, but having learned…

Steinbeck’s Pieta

If I could, I would write this post with nothing but teardrops on paper, as that would be a more eloquent tribute to my manly sensitivity and the soul-wrenching grip of one of my favourite novels. Disclaimer: the following verbal abuse is directed specifically towards non-literature-blog-reading-bankers, so we’re cool, yeah? Hypothetical: What if Rose of Sharon’s baby…