Dear New Readers

Dear new readers,

You don’t know who we are, but we know who you are. You enjoy art. Whether it’s Steven Spielberg, Harper Lee, Kanye West, or Donald Trump’s tupé coordinator, you appreciate at least some of the things people do to deliver us from the mundane. And now you know who we are – a couple folks making sweeping generalisations about the readership they don’t yet have. We’ll venture one more guess anyway: you aren’t a fan of ‘literary reviews’ and ‘arts publications’.

Nobody is, really. Or at least nobody enjoys them as much as the people writing them. Frankly, the world of academic review tends towards incestuousness – it’s no wonder that nobody wants to watch.

This is a real problem. Without any space to talk thoughtfully and accessibly about things like literature, cinema, and music, an artificial rift opens up between those who ‘understand’ art and those who do not. Too often we see writers writing for critics, critics criticising for writers, the rest of us lost and growing increasingly indifferent. We suffer from the over-intellectualisation of these things that are intended to further a collective experience.

We’ll keep this short and sweet, hopefully you will find that our articles hold to this sentiment. Should we fail, that is, fall into the academic inferno where thoughtfulness goes to think about itself, it is up to you to terminate the project – we will be beyond salvation.

Now: peruse, enjoy, rage, engage; we eagerly await your thoughts and consideration.

With love,

The Editors



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