But what does it MEAN: Meaning in Citizen Kane and Tarantino

That realisation that you aren’t the only one stifling a jerky, embarrassed laugh at Samuel Jackson recounting the story of how he sexual assaulted a confederate soldier’s son to the man’s face, followed by the collective relief of the audience letting go of that inhibition – that’s nothing short of catharsis. Aristotle would probably be pissing himself laughing.


Pulp Fiction: A Dying Genre

Madeleine Mi Inskeep talks crime noir: ‘The thing coming closest to catching the grit, darkness, and moral questions of an urban environment nowadays is actually the poetry and music coming out of places like East London, Glasgow, Compton, the outskirts of Beijing, parts of Chicago and un-gentrified Brooklyn.’

to kill a mockingbird

Don’t Throw It to The Fan

The book is not Atticus, and neither is the quintessentially American consciousness for which it stands. The book is Scout. Whatever Lee’s intentions were in releasing Go Set a Watchman, if any, let us pay our respects to the author by taking a step back as she did.

Escaping Bohemia: Kerouac’s Legacy

There are a number of different sorts of readers of Kerouac. By far the most common reaction I’ve heard to Kerouac’s work is one of an ultimate sense of unfulfillment; a feeling that his work leaves the reader unmoved, having enjoyed the prose and the crystalline, energetic depiction of the Beat generation, but having learned…